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  1. Hi Guys, I printed the two-colored drill from Ultimaker's website (just testing the printer) and I followed all the settings recommendations but at 1/3 of the process the printer started missing the Prime tower but was still extruding - hance the PLA hair. But the drill came out fine. Any idea what happened here?
  2. Hey Guys, I need help with UM 3 Ext. I've been playing around with UM 2+ for some time and never had any issues with it and always got what I wanted. Now I have a chance to use the 3 Ext, but everything is going in a wrong direction. I got it brand new, I've set it up myself, calibrated it and loved it. I was so excited to print with PVA, in two colors, oh the opportunities that were awaiting ahead of us (me and the printer). First print, I had to stop. I was printing a figurine that I had previously 3D scanned and printed a lot of times on UM 2+. It started of nicely for
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