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  1. I discovered something else very bizarre. MERELY REFERENCING A VARIABLE NAME CAN ALTER THE GCODE. In other words, you might think that if your toolchange_prime_distance is a certain number, then you can type that number, or type [toolchange_prime_distance], and either way, that number will get inserted into the Gcode. And that generally works for that immediate variable reference. BUT ...it can cause the slicer SW to behave differently later. In other words, it "remembers" the fact that it resolved the variable name, and that memory might cause it to do something else.
  2. I recently discovered another thing by trial and error...you can do logic operations with "&&" and also inequalities work. For example: {IF NEWTOOL=1 && [current_layer] = 1} Gxxxx whatever Gcode you want, will be inserted only if both conditions are met. I didn't try || as a logical "OR" operator, but I would guess if && works then || also works. Also, inequalities do work, for example: {IF NEWTOOL=1 && [current_layer] < 10} Gxxxx Also, I tried several ways of referencing the Primary Layer Height, and struck out on all of th
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