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  1. To add photos, this time, so big it pulled a section of the silicone off! (PETG, UM3)
  2. Any update on this? Just had it occur again to me. Huge mess, and clogged nozzle.
  3. I've seen similar on a UM3, heat gun and alot of time, it's possible to fix. Just keep working at it. It's also PLA, so should be fairly easy.
  4. Thanks for responding to this. This is super helpful. Makes the printer have a much higher value to me.
  5. Thanks for confirming that suspicion
  6. Does anyone have access to their UM3 or UM5 via the ultimaker cloud? I've been unable to get this to function, and have newest firmware and Cura4. I cant seem to find anyone on the forums that say it works. I'd like to be able to monitor a print remotely. Anyone know how to set this up, or have any success here? I keep following the pop-up boxes when I am on the same network as the machine, and it appears to be setup, but no luck connecting to the device when not on the network. Is there some webpage or UI that I just dont know about?
  7. If this is still for sale, shoot me a PM, would like to talk details.
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