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  1. Same verfication problem here. I wanted to update from 5.2.8 (which killed my wifi and ethernet connection ) to 5.2.11.
  2. Same Problem here, I have no ethernet or wifi connection sindce 5.2.8. I was happy that a new update 5.2.11 arrived. Tried to udate via USB. Then the message "The firmware has failed to verify, Please retry installation" popped up. What can I do now?
  3. Even the reseller and the support guys don't get any answer from Ultimaker. They let their people in the dark.
  4. When will there be a solution for these problems? I cannot use my printer in the way I ordered it. The customer service is not what I expect for such an expensive product!!! Please provide a timeline when we can expect a hotfix or a downgrade solution. Like the most users of a UM S5 there will not be any hobby work done with it. We use them for serious industrial developments. Time is money, even in R&D.
  5. Here a question for Team ultimaker: Is it possible in the next update to configure a possibilty for a backup on a USB-stick. If the update fails or some bugs show up that we can restore it to a state before the last update?
  6. Will this hot fix also available for the S5? Is there any chance to reset the S5 to an older version?
  7. I wanted to connect our printer (UM S5) from the Wifi connection to the newly installed Ethernet. For this I have deselected the Wifi and wanted to dial Ethernet. After a few seconds, the switch was reset to gray and no Ethernet connection was available. The Ethernet line was tested and used with other devices. Repeated attempts were unsuccessful. Then I reset the Cura Connect settings. A wifi connection could be set up, but an ethernet connection could not be established. I've reset the Cura Connect several times to test whether the ethernet can be enabled without a wifi connection. That was also unsuccessful. Finally, I reset the printer to factory defaults and repeated all previous tests to find out that I can no longer set up a Wifi connection. The menue stops at the Create Hotspot window. The progress bar has gone through to the end, but there is not a hotspot enabled, neither a message on the printer nor Wifi to find. My guess is a firmware issue, because until yesterday and before resetting to factory settings, the Wifi connection was possible. I uploaded the latest firmware last week via Wifi. (Version Is there a way to replay the last working or a newer firmware?
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