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  1. I really dont get why z-offset plugin is not implemented directly in Cura...
  2. Thank you very much for the information. Rotating the leveling screws is a solution, but a very unconfortable one. It would be so easy if the z Offset Plugin would work. There must be a bug in the printer software, because other users report that the printed works with z Offset Plugin and maybe I am one of few people owning a Ultimaker S5. I cannot understand why the printed behaves like described above when using the z Offset Plugin setting. Does anybody have an Ultimaker S5 and can check what happens with this plugin? I am printing Tough PLA and maintained the printer a few
  3. Hello community, I am using an Ultimaker S5 with the newest firmware (5.1....) and Cura 4.0 freshly installed yesterday. I have serious problems with the 1. Layer height, because the extruder cloggs during the print which means that to much preasure is in the extruder system. I use nearly standard settings and from my point of view, the first layer is aboslutely to close to the print bed. Due to the autolevel mechanism, there is no chance to influence somehow this problem without an additional z offset setting for the first layer. I tried nearly all settings for initial layer
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