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  1. Hi, after aborting a print the printer retracted the currently printing filament nearly all the way to the back (see the attached picture). Not fast like it does when changing materials but slowly. Attached is the output of journalctl during the print. I aborted the print at 10:01:57. After clearing the build plate I restarted the print but aborted that one instantly because I forgot to reload the material. Our printer is running Firmware This has never happened before. Axel abort.log
  2. Hello, our Ultimaker S5's camera stops working after continuously streaming for a while, about 4 to 7 days. After it stops working, accessing the stream at <ipaddr>:8080/?action=stream or <ipaddr>:8080/?action=snapshot loads forever without any image data transferred. mjpg-streamer reports no errors, other HTTP API endpoints still work. After restarting mjpg-streamer it works again, until it doesn't. I have found this issue jacksonliam/mjpg-streamer/issues/100 on a fork of mjpg-streamer describing the same problem. The printer is running firmw
  3. Hi, I wanted to sign up to the forums but I get the following certificate error
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