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  1. hi @ All UM3 was doing a print job when there was no material left through the core1 print. I noticed and stopped this. Unfortunately, all around the printcore under the cover was Materal, see pictures. Does anyone have similar experiences? What could be the cause?
  2. I connected my UM3 by network and LAN cable. I thought this is also called "Cura-Connect". -It isnt? Is Cura-Connect just used to connect by the mobile-App? THIS solved my problem:
  3. thank you Smity, but why can't connect with Cura 4? My Cura 3.6 works without any problems with the Ultimaker 3
  4. hi @ all, today i installed the brandnew cura 4. But my Ultimaker seems not be accepted. Cura 4 tells me it is not connected. Cura 3.6 is still installed on my computer, in this the printer and curaConnect runs without any problems. I tried to do a firmware update, but it seems i still have the latest version installed ( ULTIMAKER 3 --> FW In our company it is not possible to run the update by internet, i did it via USB: but in this way it is still the FW FW, and Cura 4 doesn't want con
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