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  1. FIXED IT! I decided to uninstall and then reinstall Cura 4.4.1 and now the Cura Icon is working again with my gcode and STL files.
  2. Thanks for the help, however that has already been tried. See the attachment. It shows that it already is using Cura but not the icon. Besides, like I said, when I click on this generic Windows Icon, the STL file will open in Cura so I know it is pointing to the correct program. The icon is just not correct. Any other suggestions to try?
  3. For some reason all of my STL files just started showing a default windows icon for the STL file, not the Cura icon. If I create a shortcut I can change the icon to the Cura icon but not the original STL file. How do I get my STL files to show the correct Cura icon again? By the way, I have no problem opening the STL file in Cura, I just can't get the STL file icon to show properly. Cura 4.4.1
  4. Swiftcloud: I'm not sure what you mean by "my printer's profile". If you are talking about setting up Cura to work with the printer (Ender3). It's there. You may have to go into "other" under add printer but I found Creality Ender3 which is what I use. If you are speaking of Custom Printing Profiles you made to print your 3D projects, I would suggest you export all of the custom profiles you created so that when you upgrade, you can restore (import) them back to Cura.
  5. Since I make daily image backups of my computer, my solution was to make a current image backup of my drive and then restore a previous image backup. Once done, I went into Cura 4.0 and exported each of the Profiles, that I wanted to keep, to a USB drive. Then I restored the current image backup and opened Cura 4.1 and imported each of the Profiles saved on the USB drive. Not a very elegant or easy way, but it did the trick. I still would like to know for future reference if there is a file or a folder that keeps the Profiles. That way I could simply copy the file or folder from a pr
  6. I upgraded from 4 to 4.1 and now all my print profiles are gone! I keep backups of my computer so if you can tell me where to locate the data file that contains all my printing profiles and how to import them would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Wow, Thanks a lot. Great info. I noticed that you said M92 E98....I assumed that I needed to put a 0 in front of the 98, as in E098 because there are 3 numbers after the E. Is that wrong? Also, the M500 was something I was not aware of, so are you saying that by adding M500 that the next time I turn on my Ender 3 and print something that was sliced with Cura that the Printer will remember my estep setting? I was not totally sure what you meant by the second sentence... "Without the M500 it will still remember the setting until you power cycle or do another M92. So:" I
  8. I have an Ender 3 and after doing the 100mm extrusion test I have determined that the printer is under extruding by 5mm and that changing the estep to 98 will fix the issue. I do not want to Flash my printer to change the default which is 93 to 98 but read that I can simply add a Start gcode under Settings/Printer/Manage Printer/Machine Settings and then add an additional Start gcode to tell the printer to overwrite the default setting of 93 to the new setting of 98. I have no programming expertise so can someone tell me the exact Start gcode I should add and does it go first or last
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