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  1. Using an Ender 3 with a Mosaic Palette 2 with Cura. Everytime it does a 'tool change' the print seems to pause slightly and extrude some filament in the last place it was before the colour change. This is causing small bits of the wrong colour to be deposited in the model. Does anyone know what cura setting could help stop this? I've already checked that the temperatures are all the same across each extruder settings.
  2. I have an Ender 3 with a textured glass bed that works really well by itself, just clean it with some isopropyl. Have found that it does like to be closer to the bed than other printers I've got.
  3. Currently using an S5 with a Polybox, not had any issues with spools coming off the rollers. If you want to use the NFC function then remove the NFC circle from the spool and hang it on the back of the printer.
  4. If you go into Cura -> Extensions -> Post Processing then you can put filament changes in at specific layer heights. I use this method on an Ender 3 and it works perfectly. Not sure how it would work with the AA/BB core change though, sorry.
  5. Yeah, the PolyBox works quite well. It's just a pain to have to dry filament out, especially when it's brand new and just been opened! I've contacted the local customer support so just waiting for a reply.
  6. Sorry to comment on an old thread but I'm currently having the same issues with brand new spools of Ultimaker filament. Currently stuck with a wet spool of TPU that is printing terrible in comparison to previous spools and causing printer down time due to failing prints and the need to dry it out. This brand new spool has gone directly into a PolyBox for use so it's not like it's been sitting out unused. I'm also disappointed that the Ultimaker filaments come poorly packaged in comparison to other brands.
  7. I'm assuming it's the first one, I pressed the 'i' in the top right of the screen and updated from there. The screen is now stuck on 'Updating firmware' screen and has been for hours
  8. Roughly how long does the update take? Got an S5 updating over the network and it's been going for almost 2hrs now.
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