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  1. I was confused that the 1.0.10 version had not changed even though there were commits. Anyway, I am now using the latest Git plugin, and am experiencing the same thing. I'll work with Thomas on this.
  2. I upgraded the Duet Wifi plugin, and now Cura segfaults quite often after sending the job to the printer. Sometimes the printer gets everything and proceeds to print, sometimes not. I can usually get one print job out without crashing, but the second job seems to reliably crash. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the plugin.
  3. I print a large flange on top of support, and it's never really come out as good as I would like. I know there is a top/bottom speed setting, but I would really like to change the speed above support. Enabling bridge mode doesn't get triggered here, but that would be my preference, because there are a lot of parameters I can change to suit my need there. I think the layer above support is called a "bottom layer". If I set that speed as low as I want, then the first layer speed really does take a long time.
  4. I think ability to slice is a minimum for any printer owner.
  5. Printing the masks directly on top of each other works. The snap apart pretty well. It's just a tedious process to lay it out. I'm thinking of the printer noobs that want to help. They may only be able to accomplish simple tasks for printing.
  6. There is no support material printed. The previous mask is used for supporting the upper mask. Even if it is slower, the gains are to be had in not having to service the printer. I can sleep while the printer is working.
  7. SandervG suggested I post about the issue I'm having. I am trying to increase my printing capacity, and to do that, I need to print multiple masks per session to keep the printer working for a long time without user intervention. I have printed an array of masks, but I can only fit two on the build plate when they are at the same Z-height. So, I had the idea of modifying the CAD design so the masks are nestable. This works great. I should be able to print about 20 at a time. The problem however, is that I'm trying to basically print on top of support, where the
  8. I am printing masks for the local hospital. I modified the Montana mask (www.github.com/brianmichalk1/MontanaMask) to make it nestable. I multiply them and arrange them vertically, leaving one layer width between masks. The problem is not all of the break lines are uniform. Some are better bonded, and some result in failed prints. Is there a way to fast track this? 1) Select multiply. Have a checkbox for "multiply vertical". 2) assuming the part was previously placed for printing, just offset the mask using the same X, Y, but Z is reduced until there is a coll
  9. This is an awesome idea. Just asked the hospital. If I can get the scans, how hard is it to make the new design? In Solidworks I can replace parts. Can this be done in Autodesk? Replace one STL with another? I'm navigating the Fusion download now. Trying to find the system requirements. Can I run it in a VM?
  10. The feedback on the mask is that it fits the men, but not the women. Where would I find a collection of 3D point clouds to use in this design? I think I'm going to need to make three sizes.
  11. Thanks for the offer. I am testing now. The hospital has the first five masks, and I'm awaiting feedback.
  12. I just finished a session with James Youmatz from Autodesk. Awesome guy. We walked through the modifications, and removed the collisions for a nested print. I'm going to run a test print, and if it works, I'll put these files on Github.
  13. I have printed a handful now, and the mask will stay on my face with no leakage if a sheet of paper is covering the filter. I trust that the doc who designed it knows what he's doing as far as the face model is concerned.
  14. I filled out the form on behalf of the doctor who sent me this request, so it's a little off in places, because I am not a medical professional. I need to enlist the help of someone with a late copy of Autodesk to make some minor modifications to the design. Where is the best place to ask this?
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