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  1. All of the sudden this is what happens when I double click a file to open in Cura. The project doesn't show up. Can anyone please help. I am still very new to all of this but have printed many other projects from Cura and all was fine. Thank you in advance. (please feel free to "dumb down" any suggestions/instructions)
  2. I know there are likely a lot of questions about this on the forums, and I have read a few. But as I am EXTREMELY new to this, I am having a difficult time making heads or tails of the responses. I designed 2 cookie cutter in photoshop and illustrator, saved as stl imported cura and printed to my Ender 3, they came out awesome. Nice strong cutter walls and base. When I designed a new one (similar design/difficulty) it printed horribly. The walls are see thru, and the base is not smooth. As far as I know I did not make any adjustments to Cura settings. I have tried redesigning it and have also
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