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  1. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about with respect to this recent FW upgrade, given that only a single error was introduced that can easily be rectified. Immediately correct the firmware title to read "5.2 BETA" as it should have originally been named, and then ask for our forgiveness and praise our assistance for our unwitting conscription into service as your community software debugging team. Same might be said for Cura 4.0 as well since both "stable" upgrades were pushed out at the same time, and I am not entirely convinced that it doesn't have its own contributing issues. You're welcome!
  2. Thanks for posting the hot fix Maht, it is comforting to know you are aware of some issues and are working on them. I have a request on the UM3 menu navigation routine that would be really helpful to me. Currently when the end of a menu is reached the list rolls back to the beginning as one keeps rotating. Do to the sometimes sporadic nature of navigating with the encoder wheel I find it difficult to navigate quickly up and down the menu structure. Is there a way to NOT have the menu list roll over? If one rotates to the right quickly it would stop at the last menu item, and rotate to the left and it would stop at the first menu item. If the last menu item is "return" it would allow me navagate the menu structure much more efficiently.
  3. In my first 2 posts as a new member of this group I indicated that my UM3 was unusable after the 5.2 firmware update. That situation appears to be improving as I take steps that have been suggested here such as restoring factory defaults and resetting Cura connect. I am starting to realize that I am probably not at all qualified to make any critiques on this firmware as many of my problems appear to be related to my inability to keep my print cores unclogged and my filiment unkinked! Anyway I was able to print continuously for over 24 hours without my printer locking up last night, and the printer was still faithfully printing air and supports after running out of PLA! Thank you all for the posts and input during the last week!
  4. Same thing here on my XY calibration with my UM3 after upgrade to firmware 5.2. I spent hours cleaning print cores thinking something was clogged. The only reason I wanted to do the XY calibration is to address all the other issues I was having after upgrading to "5.2 Stable". Apparently there is no way to roll back the firmware to 3.x without invalidating my warranty on this 2 month old unit. So I am patiently waiting for for firmware 5.3 so I can use my UM3 again. An official response from Ultimaker regarding this firmware upgrade and the plans to address what appears to be multiple issues would be greatly appreciated!
  5. My Ultimaker 3 prompted me to upgrade firmware this week with which I faithfully complied. Since upgrading I have been plagued with numerous intermittent issues that have rendered my UM3 unusable. Is it possible to roll back this firmware to restore functionality? A partial list of issues observed after upgrading to UM3 V5.2 and Cura 4.0 follows... Can't print directly to UM3 over network any longer despite seeing printer in Cura. Must save gcode to USB and print that way. Cura won't discover UM3 automatically on network, must add manually by IP. UM3 keeps prompting me to change materials to the ones that are already loaded. UM3 keeps rebooting at random times almost like power has been cut for several seconds and then print fails. This occurs so frequently now that I am unable to use my UM3. Reboot of UM3 is very erratic now with the frame light flickering and the machine making clicking noises it never made before. UM3 attempts to move material without first heating orient cores. Menu structure and navigation are erratic and confusing with no way to cancel or abort many options and messages that are in progress and don't apply to what I am trying to do. Please help!
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