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  1. Sadly the bug is still there in 4.0 😞
  2. Hey, thanks for pointing out this workaround. But I also have some models which are a lot more complicated, so positioning all supports manually would be quite a pain in the a** 😉 Sounds like it. This bug seems to be around for quite some time (occurs at least in Cura 3.6, maybe even earlier?). And it appears not to have been fixed in 4.0 either. Is there any official word if/when this is going to be fixed?
  3. PS: Here is a screenshot of the situation: P
  4. I have a model with several supports that I would like to remove. To do so I added a support blocker cube. But after slicing, the supports are still there. The blocker seems to have no effect at all. Am I using the blocker wrong? PS: I tried with Cura 3.6 and 4.0 on Windows and Mac.
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