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  1. Yay! Problem solved. Saw a cnc kitchen video and there was a very small detail that clued me in. I should have used "Modify settings for infill of other models". It works beautifully.
  2. Hi guys! My first post here. I am experimenting with the per model settings and the "modify settings with overlap from other models" mesh type. I have been successful when using two meshes with unique infill settings for each. In other words I have a normal model and use the overlap of another mesh to have different print settings. I want to take it a step further and add a third level of mesh. so 3 different bodies inside of one another, each with different "per model settings" However I can only have one mesh override the normal model at a time. I tried out the "infill mesh order" settings but it does not make a difference. I tried normal and reverse order. Using numbers 1 to 3, or just 1 to 2 for the overlap meshes. In the per model settings mesh types. I have one set to "normal model", and the other two set to "modify settings with overlap from other models". Using Cura 4.0.
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