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  1. Hi. Sure, that's no problem. How would you actually test the functionality? I don't know much about the unit, it was my husbands. He just bought it and barely had a chance to use it. When are you planning to come in?
  2. Hello, I'm not sure. It was my husband's and he recently passed away. I can only confirm he did 4 prints with an average of about 10hrs. Sorry I'm unable to provide anymore information. It's a very new unit that unfortunately he didn't have a chance to truly enjoy.
  3. FOR SALE: One very new, Ultimaker S5 3D printer in tip-top, excellent condition plus a lot of materials. (Purchased in August 2018) New price: CAD $7895.00--, Asking $7000 for the printer plus all materials --SAVE $895 + $1000 in HST Tax + $900 in materials--- Total savings: CAD $2795 Location: Greater Toronto Area Extra materials: (Approximate value $900 CAD) 1) Innofil 3D, PRO1 - Silver, 2.85mm - 2.5 kgs (opened, some used) 2) Ultimaker Material 1632, CPE Material, White (sealed, unused) 3) Ultimaker Material 1634, CPE Material, Dark Gray (sealed, unused). 4) Ultimaker Material 1642, PC Material, White (sealed, unused) 5) Ultimaker Material 1785, PP Material, Natural (sealed, unused) 6) Ultimaker 3 Print Core AA - 0.25mm - lightly used 7) Professional Quality Unilube - some usage 8) Ultimaker CPE White - 9037 - (sealed, unused) 9) PLA Black 2.85mm - (sealed, unused) 10) Ultimaker Material 1755, TPU95A - Material, White (lightly used) 11) Ultimaker Material 200551 - Breakaway Material, White (lightly used) 12) Yellow/Red/Green Samplers- (unused) 13) Plus two black and one clear material--enough to do several projects with each (see photos) The Ultimaker S5 The Print heads, nice and clean and ready to go! Here are some of the materials that come with this great package Close up of the materials on the left side of the previous picture Close-up of the materials from two pictures previous Another spool of material (this one has been opened) Some of the items made from this printer Two of the items after they were sanded and painted Look at the detail that this printer can do! This dinosaur skeleton measures around 42 inches from tail to snout Please contact me if you are interested.
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