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  1. @sweetlu I used to before reading that you shouldn't actually do that, but I have since stopped doing that. Is there a way to fix it?
  2. When using an Ultimaker 3 I have had several issues with prints not coming out well. The first issue I always come across, no matter how many times I try to recalibrate the print bed, is that when printing the brim, the PLA starts to rise slowly, layer after layer. This creates large bumps in the print. Thinking this may be caused by the print head being to close to the build plate I have recalibrated the build plate and tried again, several times. These attempts have either had the same result or had the PLA not stick at all to the bed, which I take to mean that in these cases the nozzle is too far from the bed. The other issue is that as the print progresses, everything seems fine until at some seemingly random point, the print head starts making loud noises as if its having trouble moving, and at this point the print continues but in the wrong spot. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing these errors? EDIT: I have since fixed a tilted slider block, but the first problem is persisting. Not sure about the 2nd one as I haven't left it printing for long enough for it to happen yet.
  3. When printing with Ultimaker 3, I have had a lot of errors in which the brim will slowly start to lift off from the build plate creating lifted bumps which get bigger as the print continues. I decided to wait and see if the print would come out okay in the end but only got a little further before the print head seems to lock/makes a sound which makes me think its somehow stuck before continuing to print in the wrong place. I have tried calibrating the print bed several times to solve the first issue but have had no luck and have no idea what is causing the second problem. Any ideas?
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