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  1. Ok an update on my situation. It turns out the feeder for the PVA filament was shedding some material as it passed through feeder mechanism. This in turn somehow clogged/blocked the flow sensor from detecting the material. I simply opened up feeder 2 and cleaned it out. All works fine now, been printing for 3 days non stop.
  2. Having the same issue, filament appears to be empty after an hour or so of printing. I have latest firmware on both cura (4.0) and S5. For context of have had this S5 for a couple months and has worked fine, only after the 4.0 update had this issue occurred? So from my view it’s cura software issue??? From reading the threads the solution (although I don’t think that’s accurate) is to turn off the flow sensor. However with the flow sensor turned off, my architectural model prints have lots of threading from oozing filament which disturb the clean level/strata of the model. So as y
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