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  1. I am literally having the exact same problem as you. My post is a few down from here. The solution that was offered to me is that the infill was printed too fast. I have the issue with petg @ 50mm/s and pla @ 80mm/s. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to test. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! It's a metal version with mgn12 rails of the Anet A8,Single fan, E3D v6 (Thingiverse - BLV AM8) The grey filament is petg printed at 50mm/s. The yellow filament is pla printed at 80mm/s. I don't feel like these speeds are unrealistic compared to what I've seen talked about? Is there a magical cur(a)e all setting to fix this without reducing the speed?
  3. Could you attach your stl file? I'm new on the forums and need approval to post, so there might be a delay in responses. I have to work the next three nights so it'll take a bit for me to look at it. Hopefully, someone can give you assistance sooner
  4. Hey all, I am on my last part of a couple hundred hour print project and I'm having some reoccurring issues. First - Despite adjusting the the z offset to almost air printing, my nozzles drags the print hard enough to raddle the gantry. For the most part, default settings except for combing turned off. Ironically because it would cause the nozzle to score the print. Second - One side of my print is almost perfect, while the other has gaps in layers and jagged lines. I have absolutely no idea what's going on with this.
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