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  1. I can't find any logic either. The printer has been active alone, no airflow no aircurrents no people walking by, just low ambient temp of around 17-18C for a relatively high temp PLA, no vibrations from other devices except the printer itself... And by being at 50mm/s and 1500mms acceleration I think I should be getting better results but oh well.... 😞
  2. Increased PLA temp to 230 *AND* closed the enclosure door for the whole print (while reduced bed temp from 60 to 50) and while results are still not perfect, they're indeed way better.... wow...
  3. It's simplify3D. We've been using it for all projects since we started back in 2014 and we still have to find a reason to try any other slicer... I don't really think it's a slicer issue: https://imgur.com/PgTwnq9 The amount of "moves" seem quite simetrical to me, compared to back and front faces.
  4. Same exact results on same places with Tinker firmware and acceleration reduced to 1500 using the same gcode... So what is it? can't be stability as the rear part still comes out perfect! temp? too cold then? shall I try with the door CLOSED instead??
  5. Well I've installed the Tinkered firmware and reduced the onboard acceleration down to 1500mm/s... We'll see if that makes any difference... I'll report back asap. Thanks.
  6. (but hey, yours not even an Ultimaker! 😮 :))
  7. It's true that I have set the infill at 100% speed and that is 50mm/s but I dont' find it that fast. However I don't find that as an explanation as to why this would affect only the frontal wall considering there are 3 more walls, left right and rear, and frontal is the only one affected. Makes no sense to me :? PLus i'm using only 15% infill in that area. Below that area, I was getting better results on a 80% infill, same print, just lower height. And the print was firmly stuck to the plate, although it's also true i've been complaining of bed rattling too much at 70mm/s prints, I thought
  8. If it's the acceleration then it's the "stock" setting of the firmware/machine....it should happen to everyone :??
  9. They look night and day to me, hard to believe they came from the same printer and the only difference is the side they were printed from.
  10. THey're DEFINETLY not the same finish and DEFINETLY nothing to do with the light angle hehe, you can feel the bad finish by just looking at it when on hand but of course also by sliding the finger or the nail over it.... 25mm/s sounds ridiculously slow, I set 50mm/s for overall speed but the outline, ie outmost permiter is at 60% of that, so it's even slower, so if the back wall is printed nice, I can't understand why the "front" comes so ugly! Let me take a closeup pic for you, without light "angles"...
  11. Hi! Any clues why the BACK of the print looks near awesome but the FRONT looks like CRAP?? (sides look ok too). PLA print on UM2E+ with latest official firmware and olson Ruby nozzle 0.4 printing at 50mm/s. (Yes, I've checked the STL for manifold errros and the Gcode and both look fine) The printer has an enclosure installed but I printed this with the door open and the ambient temperature is currently low, like 16-18ºC and since the rear part was printed fine, I don't think it's about too much heat, plus the PLA i'm using has a higher melting point than regular PLA...
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