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  1. So I tried to connect the printer over Ethernet now and it work great ... until ... I switched the printer off and on again. Now this connection also fails on me, beacuse the printer ist not showing in the printers to add anymore. So this leaves me with the hassle of printing via USB Stick ... Is there maybe help out there?
  2. Hey guys! I am quite new to the Ultimaker and the community. A few years ago I had a different (selfbuilt) 3D printer, but things got very frustrating, so I paused until I bought myself an Ultimaker 3, two days ago. Yesterday I did the whole setup and everything went well and worked perfectly fine. In the evening I did a Firmware Update and shut the printer down afterwards. After shutting everything down for the night, I tried to print today and noticed, that the printer was not showing in Cura anymore. So I checked the network settings on the printer and noticed that the printer was not connected to WiFi anymore. Alright, so I did the whole procedure of connectign the printer again, but it always failed. After I enter the WiFi Password (on several devices by now), the printer states that it tries to connect to the network. This message is shown for a fair amount of time, until I get the message, that the connection failed. I also tried to restart my WLAN router and the printer. In the end I also reset the printer to factory settings as it was suggested in several threads, but nothing helped yet. I did not change anything else about my local network, so this leaves me pretty help- and clueless on what to do next 😞 Does anybody maybe know this issue and can help me? Best wishes Steve
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