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  1. It's a branded Flashforge Adventurer 3, and it works just fine with Cura. I had one for a while and printing results where consitently better with Cura than with Flashprint. Though I had terrible issues with the nozzle and got myself a bit of a better printer.


    If you are in to Facebook there is a helpfull community there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1183417165156337/ (Should be the correct URL). They have published profiles etc for Cura. If not you can download https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3381816 as the project files contains basic defaults for the AD3.



  2. Um .. those files seems to be not executable, and they don't need to. I assume you intended to open them in an editor and for that I would use vi. But it can be a bit difficult to use and many find nano quite a bit easier to understand. If it's installed (my UM3 is not online atm so can't check).


    But why are you connecting using PuTTy in a W10 VM running on a MacOS machine? Whouldn't it be a bit easier to just run ssh directly in Terminal.app? 😉 


    Would be something like (if nano is available):

    $ ssh -l root <ip-of-your-printer>
    # nano <full-path-to-file-to-edit>


  3. Excellent explanation @gr5. NOW I get it (I hope), even though I have read it on many places previously including comments from you. Thank you!


    After inspecting previous calibration cubes I saw the rounded corners has been there all the time and as apparent. My test changes to acceleration and jerk did nothing upon closer inspection (might been to small changes). And it's mostly print using AA0.4 at .2mm layer height that have the issue. AA0.4 at 0.15mm looks a lot better, AA0.25 is more or less flawless and AA0.8 at 0.4mm have good corners. All prints using defaults for UM3 and UM PLA.


    Slowing things down is not an issue for me, I'm almost never in a rush with my prints.

  4. I also have an issue with rounded corners that are more prominent now than I remember them to have been previously. Might be related to latest firmware, and when comparing old test cubes printed with pervious verions they don't show the same issues.


    Anyhow, i found this thread and increasing wall acceleration and lower wall jerk seems to have helped a little for me.


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