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  1. I works. Thanks for the help Thinkergnome the M300 commands dont seem to work so if anyone know the right command it would be perfect 😛
  2. tryed switching out M190 R43 with G4 P300 but it now just ignored the command and went straight to pushing the print off the bed witch it could not. Nothing broke since i was ready for it. Ill search for more option tomorrow so if anyone else have a suggestion id appreciate it . EDIT. and 1 second after posting i realised that P is milliseconds.. i should have used S... ill try agian tomorrow
  3. Hi I am trying to get my Ultimaker 3 to shove the print off the plate and start a new one itself but i get an ER24 (build plate temp value invalid) Its my first time trying to edit the G-Code so i mostly followed a youtube video but he dont use a UM. here´s my end script (from cura) M104 S0 T0 ; Extruder temp M104 T1 S0 ; Extruder 2 temp M140 S1 ; Bed temp M190 R43 ; wait for bed temp M106 S0 G1 X105 Y195 Z50 F3000 ; Move up M300 S3520 P200 ; A7 M300 S4698.63 P200 ; D8 M300 S5274.04 P200 ; E
  4. Thanks. Since its the weekend i decided to drown my sorrows 😛 Ill try it tomorrow.
  5. Hi First time i tryed printing after updateing the firmware it auto leveled and started printing fine but because the print failed (lost grip on build plate) i abort it. It then lowered the build plate and unloaded my filament. I then reloaded the filament and tryed agian. It started printing, failed agian and when i aborted the print the bed didnt lower and i got the ER18. My UM3 now shows the ER18 (print head connection error) every time i turn on the printer or sometimes it will start up but then gives me the ER18 message agian when i try to auto level. I h
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