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  1. did you try open Port 123 UDP ? otherwise disable complete outgooing firewall for update
  2. If you have the Printer inside a company network ask your Admin to open NTP Port 123 for your Printer. Or you take Printer to your Home and connect to your Internet-Connection. Normaly there is no firewall for outgoing Traffic.
  3. I have fixed the Update Problem! I open Port 123 (NTP Timeserver) at the Firewall. After this, Update to Firmware 5.2.8 works fine! Hope this will help you, too!
  4. hey everyone, I talk to someone from ultimaker support. our printer is behind a firewall and lot of network ports are blocked. that mean that the printer is not able to request current time from internet. tomorrow I will connect the printer to an open internet-connection without firewall. if this the solution I will inform you. I one of you try before - please let me know if it works! greetz
  5. no! update from 4.3.96 to 5.2.8 doesn't work. try lot of times with same error message. also restart or reset printer doesn't help!
  6. I download the LOG-Files from the printer. There I could see that the firmware verification is not valid while the FW signature is older than the current printer system date. later I will enable developer-mode and set the time to current date and try update firmware again. Send you my results later.
  7. Yes, I got these message "Remove your print" after every restart. But I can print, also from directly Cura. I tried upgrade more times. I have also reset the printer and try again with same result.
  8. Hello, I try to update the Firmware from my Ultimaker 3. After the printer download (over LAN) the Firmware, I got error message: "failed to verify firmware update" Current Firmware: Try Update Firmware Update What can I do? Greetz PrintMan
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