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  1. I'm with you on this. I think the part should be independent of the process — so it can be used with other materials with different printing behaviours. The reason I'd like sharp inside corners on some parts would be to allow tight fitting parts to interact with each other in an expected way. However, turning off the acceleration parameter is a neat idea (thanks gr5). I'll have to try that.
  2. Is anyone aware of software or a plugin/feature that inserts dimples to inside corners? The idea is to prevent rounding for inside corners when printing the outer wall. Sometimes this rounding is more pronounced with some materials (PC) and can cause real challenges when making small fitting parts. This dimple function allows the nozzle path to cut in to the inner wall and return out to complete the next wall surface. There are two modes for this. The standard mode on a 90˚ inside corner — dips into the inner wall then loops back to continue. This creates a sharp corner but can cre
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