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  1. Well it's just an example, I'm sure there are different possible approaches. I do change the visibility of the settings but the problem for me is that I need a lot of the settings to be activated, so the list becomes long due to that.
  2. I hope something like this can be included in a future release. In version 4.0.0 it's still 'endless scrolling' when we try to find a setting. The image you posted above here doesn't really fully address the problem though. Even if there are tabs, it will still be vertical a list of settings, where every setting (visually) looks the same. A good solution is to put settings into a fixed, predicable location on the screen (so without scrollbar) Simplify3D does this for example. When you think about a setting, and want to go find it, you immediately have an idea of where (as in Where somewhere on the screen) that setting is located. You then go to the tab and immediately your eyes are fixed on the good location.
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