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  1. Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately the printer isn't covered in warranty any more. I would proceed in recovering the printer using the method described below, although I was hoping that more could be done over SSH. I'll let some more time go by, maybe someone comes up with an idea or Ultimaker says something to this issue. All I did was upgrading the firmware and it already worked right after it, paired with the still working SSH connection this might present an interesting case to them as this should definitely not happen.
  2. Hello, after some difficulties in getting my UM3 to update from the step stone firmware to the latest version 5.2.8 it finally worked and it happily confirmed the successful update. Menu was working fine, it only prompted that the last print failed, nothing extraordinary. Sadly after the next power cycle it now always gets stuck at the Ultimaker Splash Screen with an green lit rotary button. Out of precaution I had the developer mode turned on and fortunately it still logs on into the wifi connection and obtains an IP address. If I try to login via SSH via ultimaker/ultimaker it prints out the attached error messages and terminates the connection. What should I do now? Thanks in advance. SSH.log
  3. Setting the time manually via deveolper-mode as mentioned by PrintMan666, yes. But that only allows to update to 5.2, and after reading about the problems and your own advice not to update, I'd rather not like to do that.
  4. Guess what. It doesn't show up in the UM3 menu, although I am below 5.2. Both files (version 4.3.3) are on the USB stick. Only update via internet (Stable/Unstable) shows up. Why does this have to be so hard? I only want to downgrade my UM3 to a fw that does not brick the printer whenever it feels like it.
  5. Considering this info page the UM3 stepping stone version unfortunately is 4.3.96. I hope we hear from UM soon regarding this issue. Edit: Okay, I get it now. From what I've read I can revert the UM3 on 4.3.96 to an older release via a USB stick easily using these files http://software.ultimaker.com/jedi/releases/ since I'm still below 5.2. It should pop up in the menu. I will test this tomorrow. Still not sure what to do about the S5 on its respective step stone firmware 5.1.93. Downgrade via USB stick is not intended as it seems.
  6. Okay thanks for the advice, will do that. Meanwhile I've read about the "Remove your print" loop on the forum regarding printing on the intermediate fw, which looks essentially like it's causing a brick. Is it also advisable to revert to an older firmware? Is it even possible? Speaking mainly for the S5, the UM3 is not so actively used. I'm not happy with the possibility that some random printjob might cause this loop.
  7. Same problem here, I got an S5 and an UM3 stuck at the intermediate firmware and the update to 5.2.8. fails during verification. Could possibly happen anything bad if the current firmware is used for printing until this gets fixed? Temporarily getting stuck at the "Remove your print" message would only be a minor inconvenience if a reset fixes it.
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