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  1. @CarloK I'll do an info dump on monday morning when I have access again. The machine is reflashed (for a second time) and then used the 4.3.3 recovery image. It's stable for now after 2 continues uses with no re-boot. I'll post log files and the rest you advises. Thank you, and have a great weekend!
  2. @gr5 Thank you so much! Our Ultimaker 3 got stuck in a remove print loop that showed up in the recent update and this solved it perfectly, even printed out a piece overnight. Unfortunately when I returned in the morning the same bug reappeared. So I need to reflash the board between every print. Is there a recovery.img of an older build or is my issue unrelated to build versions? I need to print 4 pieces and I can't just re-flash and re-calibrate each and every time. My idea is to re-flash again and then use the .xz & xz.sig f
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