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  1. It still happened even after a few restarts. To me it seems like it's less often with the automatic discover option disabled (i.e. down to the level which to me seems to be caused by autosave) but I'll take some notes the next time I properly set up a print and do the same steps once with the option checked and once with it unchecked. I tried this option, but unfortunately that caused Cura to crash during startup. I've attached the logfile again. is there any other option to extend the autosave period? cura.log
  2. Now I've just started another print today, and I still had Cura freeze a few times in the 10 minutes I used it. So without the OctoPrint plugin it's better, but not complelety resolved. I've now checked the log a couple of times and interestingly after each freeze, I found an entry on autosaving being completed (with no entries in the 20-30 seconds before that). So to me it really seems like it freezes every time it autosaves. Is it possible to disable that feature? There's nothing special with my drive setup, just a normal internal SSD... only 45/512GB free, but that should still be plenty. For now, I just reinstalled Cura completely. I'll then set it up with the OctoPrint plugin as well and report back. Update - so now I set everything up again (turns out even though I selected "delete all configuration files", my profiles were still there) and disabled the option you mentioned. It still froze again immediately afterwards. From the log, I found the autosave entry again. 19:49:23 is when it froze, 19:49:48 is when it recovered. 2019-04-09 19:49:23,612 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.ShaderProgram.load [55]: Loading shader file [C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.0\resources\shaders\toolhandle.shader]... 2019-04-09 19:49:48,504 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.ShaderProgram.load [55]: Loading shader file [C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.0\resources\shaders\toolhandle.shader]... 2019-04-09 19:49:48,558 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.AutoSave._onTimeout [48]: Autosaving preferences, instances and profiles
  3. Here you go, I've attached it to this post! Actually when I just started Cura, it took very long to come up and then froze again as soon as the main window appeared. I was able to reproduce that a second time, but it wasn't exactly the same step: the log entry after it recovered the first time was where it froze the second time. First time: 2019-04-08 23:00:17,474 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.Machines.QualityManager.initialize [136]: Lookup tables updated. 2019-04-08 23:00:38,594 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.Machines.Models.QualityProfilesDropDownMenuModel._update [61]: Updating QualityProfilesDropDownMenuModel. Second time: 2019-04-08 23:06:14,930 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.Machines.Models.CustomQualityProfilesDropDownMenuModel._update [15]: Updating CustomQualityProfilesDropDownMenuModel. 2019-04-08 23:06:36,701 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.Qt.QtRenderer._initialize [183]: Support for Vertex Array Objects: True Also I've just encountered another freeze during usage, without the OctoPrint plugin. It froze between those two entries: 2019-04-08 23:12:44,109 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.ShaderProgram.load [55]: Loading shader file [C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.0\resources\shaders\toolhandle.shader]... 2019-04-08 23:13:08,443 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.AutoSave._onTimeout [48]: Autosaving preferences, instances and profiles Could it be the autosave function? cura.log
  4. Sure! Is there anything specific I should test? Or simply record some more RAM and CPU loads during the freezes?
  5. That actually fixed it. Thank you very much, finally I can use Cura again 😄 Is that a common issue with the OctoPrint plugin? It's a really convenient way of connecting to my printer so I'd love to be able to continue to use it.
  6. I just checked, on the last freeze it was using 674 MB with 0.2% CPU usage. Once it responded again, RAM dropped to 670 MB and CPU increased to ~10% momentarily. Aside from the preinstalled ones, I only use "OctoPrint connection". I'm using a Crealtiy Ender 3 through that plugin, so that I can see the Webcam feed and control the nozzle/bed temperature in the "Monitor" tab.
  7. Hello forum! I'm happily using Cura for a few months now, but in the last 2-3 weeks, it has started to act up. Already on 3.6.0, it started to freeze on me regularly (every 30-45 seconds) for around 15-20 seconds - then I can't click anything and eventually Windows will detect it's not responding, but then it catches up and I can use it for another 30-45 seconds. It doesn't matter what I'm doing - changing a setting, moving a model or just scrolling through the menu. Interestingly this only happens while Cura is the active window, if I leave Cura open in the background and then come back to it it always responds. A few days ago, I updated to 4.0 hoping this might resolve the problems, but it unfortunately didn't. Of course this makes it pretty frustrating to use. I'm running Cura on a ThinkPad T470p, i7-7820HQ, 24GB RAM and ~46GB free SSD space, so system requirements shouldn't be an issue. What could I try to fix this problem? Thanks! iYassin
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