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  1. Thanks, burtoogle, that's fixed it. It hadn't occurred to me that an Infill setting would affect the Shell. I'd assumed Shell was king. So much still to learn 🙂
  2. Happy to... UM3E_Test Platform - Failed Step.3mf
  3. Hi All I have a part with a cylindrical section which includes a step down to a reduced diameter, then back up to the original diameter. When I slice it, Cura (4.3.0) fails to put top and bottom layers around the stepped down region. This means that, apart from the infill, there is no connection between the general diameter and the stepped down region. My screenshot shows the problem. (BTW, the part does have infill---grid, if it matters---but I've not shown in the attached screenshot. Also, Cura does put the top layers in correctly at the very top of the part which link the outer diameter to the inner, but my screenshot is sectioned a few layers below that in order to show the disconnect at the top of the reduced diameter region.) I suspect that the problem is related to the fact that, by coincidence, the step size is the same as the wall thickness, at 0.9 mm. I don't need a solution right now, because I've adjusted the model, but I'd be interested to hear whether this is known problem, as there are likely to be occasions where I don't have the freedom to design the problem out. I couldn't find anything on this forum under "step wall thickness". (Apologies if there's a repeated image below this line. I've edited my post to delete it twice, but it keeps coming back!)
  4. Well, here we go again. I'm now seeing the same problems trying to update to 5.2.11. The port forwarding settings (i.e. open Port 123 UDP, which solved the issue with 5.2.8) are still in effect. However, in the time-honoured IT tradition of "turning it off and on again", I've: Enabled firewall Disabled firewall Deleted the port forwarding rule Recreated the port forwarding rule None of this has made any difference, so it seems new solution is required. I've also tried updating via USB, but the process still ends with the same message: Failed to verify firmware update. At least this update doesn't require installation of an intermediate "testing" version, so the machine is failing back to a stable firmware. As with the 5.2.8 issues, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi All I have a part I wish to print in two colours. It was modelled as one part, then sliced in CAD to create two parts: one for the white and one for the blue. (The white is "part" is actually two discrete bodies, because the blue runs right through.) When I preview the sliced model, each "body" within the model---i.e. the two whites and one blue---is sliced as a self-contained model. This means that each has top and bottom layers. Since I'm printing in the same material, just with a different colour, I can think of no reason why this shouldn't be built as though it were a single model, which would mean that the blue section would have only walls and infill (i.e. no top or bottom layers) and the upper and lower white sections would, respectively, have no bottom and top layers. Is there a setting to remove these intermediate top and bottom layers on a merged model? In other words, to slice merged models as one model? I have the following workaround, but it's a bit cumbersome: Load each section as model (i.e. 3 models one for each "body", rather than one for each colour). Merge the models and adjust orientation. Disable "Automatically drop models to the build plate". Ungroup the models. Use "Per model settings" to manage the top and bottom layers as required. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Best regards Warren
  6. It looks like my hub's port forwarding defaulted to TCP protocol when I tried to open port 123. Manually selecting UDP fixed the problem and my UM3 is now running Thanks to all who contributed helpful advice here and especially to PrintMan666 for this solution. If anyone associated with Ultimaker reads this, please consider adding something about opening port 123 UDP to the notes at the foot of your Update the Ultimaker 3 Firmware article. Thanks. PS. Whilst reading around this topic, I found that some people had experienced a similar problem setting up Apple TV's. Some had fixed it by the methods in our discussion: opening port 123, disabling their firewall, or doing the setup somewhere without a firewall. One other trick, which I've not seen mentioned here, was to set up via a mobile hotspot on their phone (YMMV).
  7. I've tried opening port 123 and disabling my home firewall, but it's the same old story from my Ultimaker 3: Downloading new firmware... Checking new firmware... Failed to verify firmware update. I should say that it is printing, and with no obvious problems, but I'm still uneasy about having to run a testing version of the firmware, rather than a stable version.
  8. I wish I'd seen this before accepting the firmware update. Like others, I'm now stuck on the intermediate (not for printing!) firmware. I espcially like this message on Ultimaker's firmware update page... Note: USB updates are temporarily not supported. Thanks, Ultimaker. Thanks a lot.
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