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  1. I just switched back from the AA print head (#2) to BB and somehow my profiles are back!! I just backup ed the data, so I can now safely switch print heads again!
  2. I tried to re-install Cura, but the profiles are still not back. I did see another post complaining about lost profiles after changing the print head - something I did recently as well. Maybe that is the root cause?? I am getting desperate. Where can I download the standard profiles??????
  3. Just a small add-on. The profiles disappeared after I tried to load a new material. I selected PETG, and after installing the material was not tere. I modified an existing material and then discovered that the profiles were gone. I will try to re-install Cura.
  4. The same happened to me. I use one UM3 Where can I download the profiles??
  5. Hi Peter, No, I did not expect miracles. It was not my first printer and I have an engineering background. It is just frustration speaking after now 4 attempts. I try to solve firstly my selves, before trying to get a replacement. If this last try is again not successful, I will have to replace the heated bed. Greetings, Ron
  6. Hi Peter, Thanks for sharing your experience. I take this opportunity to follow up with my latest information. After my original fix, things worked for maybe a week, and then the problem returned. I took the heated bed apart again and soldered the wires directly to the connectors instead of using the crimped wire ends. Again things worked for a while, and again the problem came back. Extremely frustrating. The problem was that it happened in a long print overnight. The print came loose and In the mean time all the PLA was in and around both print heads. It took
  7. Hi CarloK, You were SO right!! It WAS just a coincidence!! When I took the build plate apart before, I just measured the temperature sensor. However when I now wiggled the cable at the rear of the build plate the temperature indication jumped all over the place. It turned out to be a bad crimp on the connector of one of the sensor wires. I re-crimped them both and let some solder wick in the crimp connector from the end. Now the temperature is stable. So _ NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SOFTWARE UPGRADE. It was just a coincidence that it happened at exactly the same time.
  8. Another test result. I dismounted the build plate and measured the temperature sensor PT100. The resistance was exactly correct, so no problems there. All wires wire fixed, no loose connections or anything. After re-mounting I set the build plate temperature manually. It indicated an actual temperature of 23 degrees, which was correct. I set it to 60 degrees and allowed the build plate to heat up. I measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer and it varied between 57 and 53 degrees, but it was still creeping higher. My conclusion: No hardware problem at all. Now I
  9. As a follow-up to my previous post. I got the WIFI working again by "CURA Connect reset". After that I could setup the network again. I tried to set the build plate temperature manually. The indicated temperatures were very erratic. Within 5 seconds it went from 25 to 60 degrees. The build plate just luke warm. After a short while, the indicated temperature dropped to 37 degrees and started to gradually climb as the heat plate warmed up. The plate stabilised at 60 degrees, and at the touch it could be the correct temperature. Now I tried to print. The brim came loose at 3 of the
  10. I own an Ultimaker 3 printer and I was VERY happy with it until I updated the firmware to version 5.2.8. Since then, the indicated temperature of the build plate jumps immediately from 20 degrees to 60 degrees, and - of course, the build plate does not heat up anymore. I tried a factory reset. An additional problem popped up. I can no longer connect to my WIFI network. After the reset I tried to set the build plate temperature manually, and that worked! Now I tried to print something via the USB (remember no WIFI..) and again the build plate did not heat up and the system s
  11. RonBreukers


    SOFTWARE BUGS IN 5.2.8??? I own an Ultimaker3 and was very happy with it until I did the day before yesterday the software update to version 5.2.8 Since then, the measured temperature of the build plate jumps at once to 60 degrees and (of course) the build plate does not heat up anymore. I tried a factory reset, and the only effect was that now I cannot get the WIFI to connect and no improvement to the build plate. The only thing was that immediately after the reset I set the temperature of the build plate manually, and that worked. Once I tried to print someting the same happ
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