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  1. Morning all, I know this thread went a little quiet so just wanted to update everyone with progress.. Finally got to the bottom of my issues with the temp sensor on the hotend.. the fibreglass sleeves had burnt up and were causing a short. My extruder motor was getting so hot it was missing steps so that's now externally mounted. The rest are still internal for now. I'm now printing directly on the aluminum plate I installed to house the bed temp sensor with dimafix spray at 130c. Myhot end is running a 380-390c and the internal temp
  2. Hi @rajilpahuja, Regardless if they match or if one is different to the other I have no success. But I can print with the usb cable so I will do that. Please PM your paypal details. My E3D sensor is struggling at 370 and goes into thermal run away. I will take maybe 3 sensors if that's ok? Regards, Scott
  3. Hi All, I'm using Cura 4.0 and getting this weird error message any ideas how to get passed it? I've double checked the machine print area vs cura and they are the same. Had to make a spring loaded insert to stop the reel uncoiling today too. The CF-Ultem kept snapping so I've moved away from that for now.
  4. Hi Gents, Without following the conversation yesterday I figured out all three ports needed a connection so I de-soldered the sensor off the original Ultimaker bed and got things working! @rajilpahuja how do I purchase the Platinium PT100's? Can you supply with a 1m lead? I'll upload some pics soon. Yesterday I held the machine table at 160 degrees all day and the head at 380 degrees to stress test the water cooling system and see if anything started to leak. No leaks and the the third sensor I mounted near the two stepper motors which read up
  5. Hi @rajilpahuja, I get the error with the PT100's... maybe one is damaged perhaps. I will play around again and see how I get on.
  6. Hello @rajilpahuja, Could you tell me which type of sensors the firmware is set up for? I'm using a PT100 in "TEMP1" and a PT100 in "TEMP3" currently. Ideally, I'd like to use PT100 in "TEMP1" and the 104-GT2 "E3D" thermistor in "TEMP3". Then i can then use my spare PT100 to monitor the chamber temp. I damaged the connector on the motherboard so that's, why there are now two orange wires, soldered into it. Long term I think I'll do the same for all 3 sensors as the wires seem a little short on the E3D stuff. Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Gents, I've flashed the firmware and now have a temp error. I'm using 2x PT100's for the bed and hot end. I hooked up the E3D thermistor and still had the error. What sensor(s) do I need to switch out? Best Regards, Scott
  8. HI @gr5 and @rajilpahuja, I have read your post with interest over the last few days. I'm happy for you to send any files directly (sflower@harwin.co.uk) Long term I will only want to run the bed at 160max but would want headroom to experiment for short prints up 190-200c. Here are some pictures of what I've built for reference and enjoyment. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zlzNuhZ9r2qzYh9ahZYqem_Vbjwa1NjX?usp=sharing I've installed a mean well 14.6A 24v power supply for the hotend Mosfet and main board. There's a small 12v unit to r
  9. Hi All, I have a UM2+ which I've upgraded in the following way.... Mechanical Fully enclosed top and front panel. Converted to 1.75mm filament (ender 3 extruder hardware) and capricorn bowden tube. Hotend E3D V6 all metal hotend with pure copper volcano, 60Watt cartridge, 24v 30A Makers 3D mosfet. PT100 sensor Custom water cooling with 120mm radiator. Heated bed E3D 215x215 AC Silicone bed controlled by solid state relay. 10mm aluminium plate on top with PT100 inserted in the side of it. The issue I'm faced with is the software limits
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