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  1. Ok - so it's confirmed, on any of my computers, and any version of Cura that I use (freshly installed 4.1.0 on my second computer) - if I go to the "Monitor" tab and click on anything (including on empty space), it locks up the fields. I guess my situation is unique, but follows on all my set-ups - I will avoid the Monitor tab and just preheat from Octoprint.
  2. Agreed on the replication, and since it's not common... As far as I can replicate it - just used Cura on both printers (k280 and Ender3 with Klipper and Octoprint) - didn't lock up for 30 minutes worth of slicing and changing parameters (but avoiding clicking on the "monitor tab" as my normal workflow would... , saving profile, updating them (so I can use the same profile on both printers)... the moment I switched to the Monitor tab and clicked on the side-bar (not on a button), returning to the preview or prepare, the boxes are locked. (as my normal flow, I "preheat" and "home" on the Monitor
  3. as awesome as this plug-in is, I still use it for 5 minutes, then editing fields in the bar become locked (moving objects, moving from prepare and preview, usually with auto-slice but I can pause it sometimes - I can't figure out what triggers it). I have to save the project, restart Cura and work for 5 more minutes and start over. What could I be doing wrong?
  4. I agree it's still needed though I could never use it as it locks up my editing at random times (but awesome when I could use it). Docking the bar allows the center of the bed to be in what's left after docking. Also, all I do all the time is change the height of the panel to un-hide the print button - and the data that shows with it. And no, they din't presume we'd like it - they just didn't car (and still don't as a "dock" feature in 4.1, besides moving the darn bar, would have been stupid easy to implement, when you have the GUI code in front of you) - I have
  5. I should have said thanks too - I absolutely love this plug in - just wish I didn't have this issue where I can't edit parameters - i did follow this link and yes, for me, different installs on different computers end up with the same issues. (1 printer initially, but 3 now, with Octoprint, now Ender with Klipper - man do I love it!!!) Thanks.
  6. Am it the only one where I can't change parameters in the sidebar after a while? A restart of Cura 4.0.0 does fix the issue only to have it come back 10 minutes to 5 hours later. Without this plug in, the issue never happens. The fix by uninstall was recommended on a different forum - so known issue? A fix in the future?
  7. This fixed it - I should have thought of it being a bug in - I do like the plugin though. Thanks.
  8. Is there any way I could find out what causes it? A click on preheat almost always locks up all parameter boxes (I can't change layer height or speeds or temperature. On the other hand, I can still check/un-check boxes (like support On/Off).
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