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  1. ISSUE/BUG: Z-axis actuates to drive the bed down, even though the bed is already contacting the limit switch. Stepper motor can be heard skipping steps as it continues to go down beyond physical limit. WHEN: Only occurs following completion of the wizard for resolving ER61 (Material Station failed to unload material). This has occurred in 2 of the 3 times that the error was generated. It appears that this only occurs if the print bed is already contacting the Z-axis limit switch when ER6`1 is generated. It remains in that location until the wizard steps are completed. upon
  2. This is a great material to work with, but the profile needs to be updated for material station compatibility. The i150 profile is compatible, but not the i180. Using generic Nylon and tweaking the print temp works fine until the filament retracts at the end of a print. I contacted Igus support regarding this back in August and they seemed utterly confused. Please work with Igus to update this profile! This material prints great in combination with ColorFabb HT, for dual material prints. The 2 materials bond together very strongly, without any layer separation iss
  3. It would be very helpful to have a color scheme option in Cura to display the line color relative to the fan speed (much like the existing "speed" scheme). This would be help to confirm how fan speed settings are actually changing, when implementing various setting adjustments such as bridge settings.
  4. Please add the ability to create and store a longer text description for print profiles. This will provide a means for the user document certain profiles, add creation dates, record changes made to the profile, etc. Ideally this long-text would simply appear as a tool-tip, when the mouse is hovered over the profile in the drop-down menu.
  5. I can try disconnecting the material station; I couldn't find any instructions on switching between using the material station and the manual spool holder. I didn't realize it was just a matter of unplugging it, as you state. It would be nice to be able to select whether material for each station is fed from the material station or the regular spool holder. Any chance that will be added in a future firmware update? As for the generic material workaround; I'm trying to setup IGUS iglidur I180 Tribofilament. Their formulation is proprietary, so it isn't very clear wh
  6. Is there a way to bypass the material station when running materials that have not been optimized for it? Also, It would be very nice to be able to run head 2 on bypass, but still have head 1 fed from the material station.
  7. When maximizing build volume, Cura currently adds the brim width to the overall maximum dimensions of a model to determine interference. I would like to see an update for Cura to ONLY consider dimensional interference of the brim compared to the 1st layer of a model. The attached image shows a model with a chamfered edge at the base. This should print fine with a brim, but Cura thinks there is an interference (see shaded area shown on build plate), since it is looking at the overall model dimensions.
  8. I've run into a recent issue in which the end of the filament on our filament spool did not come free from the spool a the end of the print. This caused the print to fault out, with ER62 ("Filament Sensor Error"). I had to manually pull the filament out of the material station and then cycle the printer power to clear this error. After inspection, I discovered that a notch had been ground into the filament, due to it being stuck on the spool and the pre-feeder continuously attempting to feed it. Once the notch was ground in, it couldn't have been retracted by the pre-feeder, as there was n
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