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  1. Hi, I am trying to select the surface and lay it flat on that surface, I remember seeing that option before but cannot find it now for some reason.
  2. Hello, I would like to know the page on which all the place holder variables are given for the Cura's settings. I want to make a few changes for my machine profile and then submit a pull request. Thanks
  3. I dont want to add it in CAD, the CAD file should only contain the required design. I face an issue once in a while where because of raft not being printed properly the surface of the print over that portion of the raft gets a bit distorted. To combat this properly I increased the raft margin which I had decreased earlier. Also added a priming step in start G code, sometimes though the primed filament gets in the way of the print. In simplify 3d we can add a skirt and raft together, and I usually do that. Wanted to know if it was possible in CURA too
  4. I would like to know if its possible to print a skirt and raft in cura as it allows us to choose one of the two but not both. Has anyone tried doing this ? any success.
  5. Hey droxon, One work around is that you can go to definition file for ender3 located at c:/>program files>ultimaker cura 4.5 > resources >definitions open the creality_ender3.def.json file in notepad ++ and remove the following line. "platform": "creality_ender3.stl" You can also change the size of your build plate if needed in the definition file. Restart Cura and check out the build plate. This will only work on your local computer where you are slicing.
  6. one of the only few slicers that host the definitions of so many printers, Its also pretty powerful , on par with paid ones like simplify3D.
  7. I use 2 slicers regularly for work, Simplify 3D and Cura... In S3d the raft layers are extremely thick , and help ABS bed adhesion, the cura raft tends to be a lot thinner. I tried going into the raft settings and increasing the thickness of the base raft layers, but I am not getting it as thick as S3d. Has anyone else noticed this? would like to replicate this setting into cura. Thanks ! Hussain
  8. @nallath , If we find a small bug with a 3rd party installed profile, can we correct it or only the author has the rights ?
  9. My nozzle in UM2E+ keeps clogging after few hours of printing, I checked the nozzle and it seems fine , I also checked and cleaned the extruder mechanism. The cooling fan to cool the heat break runs very slowly. Also there seems to be a leak of filament above the nozzle. Could someone point me in the right direction about what needs to be done, I have attached a picture for reference.
  10. Hello, The ultimaker frame has inspired me to use ACP sheets for the frame of my design. I went through the files of ultimaker 3 available to git hub. The joints of one frame and the next are intersecting into each other. Is that part of the design ? Has anyone used the drawings provided by ultimaker to make a product in ACP. I have attached a picture of a joint where there is an intersection. Would like to know if that is how ultimaker intended it to be or is it an error somewhere Thanks Hussain
  11. Thanks a lot for your suggestions @malcolmthemole I live in chennai as well !! Relative humidity reaches as high as 70% at times. Will try drying my filament and starting another print. I also noticed another thing that my sheet of tufnol was not flat , I had clipped it to the edges and it kind of had an unusual bend in few places, I plan to cut it into a smaller piece and use double side adhesive tape and stick it to a glass plate. Does adding PVA glue stick to the tufnol help in adhesion ? Also lastly, I read a few forums that mentioned
  12. Thanks a lot for your feedback, I live in an extremely humid city, the brand new roll of filament absorbed moisture within few minutes after opening it. I think I will buy the Nylon bridge filament from taulman 3D as its supposed to have moisture resistance and good bed adhesion. Regards, Hussain
  13. @malcolmthemole Hi, I managed to get my hands on Tufnol and tried printing nylon on it, It managed to print the first layer before getting completely warped and dislocate from the bed surface. Would like to ask you if there is any other method of getting nylon to attach. The nylon I used had absorbed quite a lot of moisture and kept making a fizzing sound while being extruded, does this reduce the adhesive ability of Tufnol ?? Regards, Hussain.
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