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  1. Decided to finally give PVA a try with my Ultimaker 3 Extended. But upon material change, it says that it is not compatible with the AA 0.4 Extruder. Its an Ultimaker material and it is not detected at the spool. Hmm...Anyone can explain?
  2. update. reverted to Cura 3.6. Printing support flawlessly
  3. Tried with a test model. Still it is not printing the support after the solid layers. However, the support brim is printed well so it is not blocked nozzle. Help
  4. update : support still refuse to come out despite mid print nozzle re-insert
  5. update : cleared the printhead. Giving it another try. Currently printing another ultibot and support material comes out ok
  6. on blocked nozzle on Extruder 2, I tried printing the Ultibot before starting on this one and it came out perfectly.
  7. Updated to CURA 4.0 and new firmware for my Ultimaker 3 Extended. This is the second case of support not printing after the updates. Hope to get some help from you guys. Thanks!
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