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  1. Moving from cura 4.6.2 back to 4.6 has resolved my issue. It seems this is directly related to 4.6.2, i had tried multiple different drivers for my 2080 ti as well as using the integrated GPU with the same results. Further investigation shows i messed up the Disallowed Areas section when editing the ender 3 profile and left an extra bracket that caused a crash when a multiplied object was placed on the disallowed area. Would be nice for this feature to be disabled in the profile instead of a config edit, i use photo clips instead of binder clips so i only have 2mm of th
  2. seems no matter what i do, i cant get 2 models on 1 build plate. If i import 1 from fusion and click multiply, i can continue to use cura, but the progress bar for the multiplying progression stays at 0%. If i import a model from an stl or 3mf cura crashes with the following errors and reinstalling has not been able to fix my issue, this only just started occurring today. Thread 0x00001ea0 (most recent call first): File "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.6\plugins\USBPrinting\USBPrinterOutputDeviceManager.py", line 86 in _updateThread File "threading.py", line
  3. Hi guys, been trying to figure out what is going on with my printer, during only the first layer in having these popping sounds and what looks like overextrusion. Im printing on glass that is almost perfectly leveled with a BLTouch so that compensates even more. This only happens on the first layer and the rest is fine. I have tried; Ajusting Z offset for different squishes drying my filament in the oven different nozzles every axis belt is tight, no wobble. Any ideas? It almost looks like pressure is being built up from overextrusion but im not entirely sure. i
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