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  1. Hi Smithy Thanks for that I printed the part but cracked the area around the thread!!!! Too much swarf to clean away from the threat coming from support material Im gonna modify and print another prototype Thanks again b
  2. Hi Smithy Yes, the picture shown is what I export to Cura I redrew the item from scratch and i managed to export properly I think????? the problem was to do with the extrude function and using a 'new body' instead of using the 'join' function??? Its weird because Fusion 360 made the mesh ready for slicing showing the components! Thanks for your interest b
  3. Hi not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but... Ive drawn an object in Fusion 360, sent it to Cura 4.0 (they dont talk like 3.2.1 used to) The slice resulted in some important features of the build missing altogether??? How does that happen? Fusion shows the object as I drew it, the sliced version has missing parts Cgeers n
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