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  1. Dear gr5 thanks for your reply, When the printer shuts down it jumps straight to the boot screen. In my experience, the machine usually shuts down when the M302 code isn't inserted in the starting G code. Although I have to say, I have seen it moving the XY axis but not extruding as well. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions to fast and is it a power related issue. It didn't seem like a power issue because when I was printing with higher temperatures it didn't happen. Is it possible to check the power brick?
  2. Hello, I'm currently printing with PCL filament on the Ultimaker 2+. I disabled the heating safety using the M302 G code. This works for temperatures around 130 degrees. I now want to print with even lower temperatures, around 100 degrees. When I start the print with this temperature the printing works in the beginning but after approximately 30 layers the machine shuts down the same way it does without the M302 temperature override. Would it be possible that there are other safety mechanisms installed that would prevent the machine from printing at these temperatures? Thanks in advance, Tom
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