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  1. Yes! it does rock! when I loosen the screws I should just tap it with a mallet to knock it into shape or do I need to remove the screws to do that? The frame has tabs that click into each other so it looks like hitting them with a hammer might break them. Thank you
  2. Hello All I have been trying to fix a bed leveling issue with my UM2. All 3 points of the bed are all at very different heights and when I try to adjust the screws to get those 3 points leveled it throws the 2 back corners (where there are no screws) off being leveled. 3 possible sources of this error: 1) glass is bent 2) heated bed is bent 3) aluminum carriage (Z-axis) is not leveled. Since #3 is what everything attaches to I wanted to test that first. Long behold it was totally not straight. When I brought the build plate all the way up (with the heated bed and glass removed) all 3 points had different heights from the nozzle to the bed. Look at the 3 pictures. Is this normal or a fix for this? Thank you all for the help in advanced.
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