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  1. That did the trick. Thank you.
  2. Extra fast - 0.3mm > Material >Retraction speed - 25 mm/s It is in Cura.
  3. I am using default marlin. How do I "repair" it then.
  4. Any other help then? What might can cause it?
  5. Well, no matter what, it won't go faster then it's "default" speed (which is the 25 mm/s). I don't know what to do. It is seriously anoying.
  6. It's literally default 0.3mm but with 60 mm/s retraction speed. CFFFP_Pi_Camera_2020_Adapter.3mf
  7. Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. "First" time Ultimaker Cura user here. It is way simpler than what I was used (repetier host), but the default settings turned out way better than my heavily edited slic3r from repetier prints. But I came across 2 problems (I have to test one to make sure). So the one I would like to get rid of now is this. Changing the retraction speed has no effect on the actual retraction. It is still the same speed no matter if it is 40mm/s or 120mm/s, it is always slow compared to slic3r (where I had 60mm/s). So, how do I "repair" it? How can I make it retract faster (because now it kinda waits for it to retract)? Thanks in advance 😉. P.S.: I guess that I am using the latest Cura as I downloaded it on Saturday.
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