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  1. I was just about to post the same idea : That's a must have !
  2. Hi Ramboton, Unfortunately, I could not setup a shortcut : you have to open a terminal and re-type ./Cura.AppImage everytime you start Cura. I wish some linux skilled folk could post a solution for it. Ideally, a shortcut could enable font size adjustment specific to Cura since font size are bsed on my chromebook screen def options, hence ridiculously small. Same issue with KISSlicer that is just unusable for the same reason(even worse than Cura. Any Linux expert around ? MTFBWY
  3. Hi, I've been running Cura 4.0, now 4.1, for a few month on my HP Chromebook X2... just great. - Download Cura AppImage, give it a simler name - Run a chmod a+x Cura.AppImage (whatever short name you gave it Done To run : open a teminal, run "./Cura.AppImage" PS : you might have to instal fuse prior, just can't remember when I installed fuse, might be standard now on latest chromeos. May the Force be with you.
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