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  1. I'm having an issue with CURA where features that have been created are starting on the fist top layer of the part. To be more clear. I have a round "Plate" that I want to build a wall on top of. Whats happening is when the slicer gets to the first top layer of the round plate it prints the perimeter and infill for the wall. I would think that it should start this on the layer after the last top layer. This would give the wall a completely solid surface to print on. The reason I bring this up is I had a prototype where I set the infill to 10% and when it started to print the wall the corners where over empty space. This created big holes in the top surface.You can see in the images that the infill has started to print at the very first top layer. You can also see that the perimiter for the rectangular wall is over empty space. Can this be fixed so that wall starts on the layer after the last top layer? Thanks
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