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  1. Hi, thanks for taking your time to reply. I had ended up doing several things, a factory reset, re-feed the filament, re-calibrate. I tried to then print after that but was still having the same issue. What ended up working was "forcing" the filament through using the Maintenance -> Advanced -> Move material. I fed quite a bit through so I knew it was flowing fine. I think you are correct, there was something causing a block or the filament was grinding so by feeding some of it through manually caused something to help it flow better. Thanks again, Adam
  2. Hi, I am using an Ultimaker 2+ and have successfully completed around 20 prints. I have recently run into an issue whereby the filament won't extrude during print. I found the exact same issue on a video on Youtube but I don't know how it was solved: Just before the print, the filament extrudes fine, but when it begins to print there is nothing. I am using Cura 4 & version 3.3.0 firmware and printing using an SD card. Thank you in advance for any help / suggestions. Adam
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