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  1. So I finally figured it out. I tried the flowing: Setting 8/16 Jumer Not influence Loosening the long screws of the printing head improves the print but it has still wriggles Greasing the z-axis no improvement Changing heat bed temperature no improvement Changing extruder temperature improves the print but it has still wriggles Switching of the fan no improvement Auto adjust the PID of the bed and the extruder Even worse wriggles Tring different PID setting
  2. Hi again. I'd be very pleased, if you can help me once more. Two-three weeks ago my printer startet out of nothing to print the walls quite wriggly (see Image "1"). My Ultimaker 2 has the newest Thinker firmware (V19.03.1) installed. I've printed PLA with 210° / 60° at standard speed. Nicolinux had in 2016 a similar Problem, described in the flowing threat: Because of this, I also tried to switch of the build plate heating. When I switched if off, everything was great (see Image "2"): But without the build plate
  3. Thank you very much tinkergnome. Switching between the two firmware UM2 and UM2+ didn't work. But your second hint worked very well. I've installed the printrun, and connected the UM2 via USB. With the Baud rate of 250000 I could communicate with the UM2. As you described I just had to send the Command M502 and M500. It worked perfectly. Afterwards the bed didn't crash anymore into the printing head, and I could work through the first configurations steps. THANKS A LOT!
  4. I have now the new 2.1.4 Mainboard with the newest "normal" firmware installed. I did that with cura. And I do not have unplugged in the jumper on the new Mainboard. I can't change the step/mm at the moment as the Ultimaker likes first to go through all these first calibration steps. But I can't go though them, as he likes to lift up the building plat until it hits the head. So I have to switch it off. What could you recommend? I think with the installation of the firmware the parameters are retested and it's calibrations are set to not use the 8/16 jumper.
  5. Hi all I'm close to loosing my temper. I'd be very thankful for any help. I have a Ultimaker 2 with an Olsenblock. Because of a failure, I had to replace my old 2.1.1 Mainboard with a new one (2.1.4). After switching it on, my Ultimaker 2 likes to go through this first calibration steps. But every time he likes to level the building plate he crashes in the head. Actually it just happens once, every other time I was faster in switching it of before it crashed. What Can i do? I have to say that I had used the 8/16 jumper with the old Mainboard. Whe
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