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  1. Here's an image of the final top layer. Also, based on some other questions in the forum where the target printer was non UM, I tried targeting an UM S5 and got the same result. FWIW, this is targeting a Creality Ender-3. So, in this image, I would expect to see a red layer atop the main cylinder, as well as across the rectangular tab. But both parts are left as raw wall or infill.
  2. CCR10_Half_axle_short.gcode ************************************* *NEVERMIND * *I think what I'm seeing is normal. * ************************************* Using Cura 4.0.0 on Windows 10 64-bit I'm a rank newbie. When I'm slicing my models using Cura, it doesn't seem to generate any top or bottom skin layers. I'm left with inner wall at the top and bottom. Shell thicknesses seem to work fine. I've attached a sample .stl file. Slicing with any of the default profiles (fine, draft, etc) reproduces this. I'm not sure what to try next. Any suggestions please? Half_axle_short.stl CCR10_Half_axle_short.zip
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