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  1. I tried that but I get a mess of a blob. I used the same settings in the Creality slicer and have looked for other profiles but I still end up with results not nearly as neat and clean as the Creality slicer.
  2. One reason was to integrate with Octoprint but so far that too has been a nightmare with incompatible versions. But I am still wondering why is Cura so popular and raved about? Am I missing something besides the hype?
  3. I have a new Ender 3 that came with it's own slicer software that seems to work quite well. However, I keep seeing that "Cura" is the standard. But when I try to use Cura (v. 4.0.0) I get a single long line of filament along the edge of my build surface followed by a very blobby attempted at printing my object. I have tried to set the settings in Cura to match what the Creality software indicates but that seems to make no difference. The files sliced with the Creality slicer look amazing but the Cura files are a mess. If Cura is so great then why is is so hard to work with?
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