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  1. Is it possible to set the line direction of the first layer of a bridge? I have a void of 2 by 14 cm which needs to be bridged, but I cannot use supports since it is inside a box with holes. It now is sliced with the first layer lines over the void in the longest direction, and starting in the middle of the void. the first version of the model I printed was good, the direction of the bridge layer was 45 degrees there, but the model changed and I can't reproduce it. I tried with setting top/bottom line directions, adjusting object rotation, layer thickness, initial layer thickness,
  2. Thanks Geert, very useful info! I'll try this tonight. wim
  3. I think this is a matter of bad karma. I too have a new Ender 3 (pro), but it came with a readme file that directed me to the Cura software for slicing, so no Creality slicer here. And I must say that Cura works great for me, but still learning. I suggest you start with something very simple, like a cube, and with all the standard settings in Cura, that should work. If your bed is levelled properly, that is.
  4. I have a strange phenomenon here. I want to reduce support structure when using supports, but the support blocker solution does not suit my needs. so I found an alternative, by constructing arches under the overhangs. The arches never reach an overhang angle of more than 50 degrees. so under the arches, no support will be created. But the support generated by Cura fills the arches with support, only on those spots where my actual object has overhangs. arches placed next to the model are not supported from the buildplate up. how can I remove these unwanted supports?
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