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  1. Mikeyfrom indy, I don't have anything to offer you in regards your request, but I wanted to say nice job on the fan duct. How did you power it? Is it tied into the board so that you an control it with Cura, or is it just on all the time?
  2. LucaD, I checked out your website. It seems you've figured out how to tweak the settings to get it to work, and you're on a Mac like me. I'll bite. I sent you a donation. Let's get those files and give it a try.
  3. jenny8008, that's so weird. I do not see that Change at Z-Height. I opened up the project file that I posted, not there. I create a new project, not there. I wonder about the cooling fan too. I've tried both with it enabled and disabled, and I get the same results either way. I tried editing the G-code to comment out all of the M106 and M107 commands, but I can't get Cura to recognize the g-code that it makes, which makes no sense. What version of Cura are you running with your Alta? Maybe I should try a different version in case there's some incompatibility in 4.0? Or if you are running the same version, maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall this same version.
  4. obewan, I tried reslicing with a different profile, draft instead of fine. Same result. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. obewan, here's the project file. Let me know if you find anything. Thanks. CFFFP_Spinning_Hallows_v3.3mf
  6. jenny8008, thanks for the link to that site. I didn't know about it. It renders fine on Gcode viewer, but when I try to open the G-code in Cura I get an error. I don't understand why. Cura generated the G-code so how can it not read the file it created?
  7. I'm running Cura 4.0 on a Silhouette Alta through my MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave. Since the MacBook only has USB-C ports, I'm connected over a USB-C to USB-A adapter then the normal USB-A to USB-B cable. I'm printing over USB because the Alta has no provisions for printing from SD or other memory. I am new to Cura, but I have found others on the forum using Cura with the Alta so I know it's possible. When I print, it executes my Start G-Code to home all axes, move to the dump, prime the nozzle, move back to the bed, and print a prime blob on the bed. Then once it reaches the actual part print, everything just stops. The effector stops moving, the hot end heater stays on, and Cura keeps counting up the % complete, but no printing is happening so I have to abort the print. I tried saving the G-code then copy-pasting it into the G-code input field in the monitor tab one line at a time to verify there's no issue with the G-code generated during slicing. It all looks good, I managed to print the first layer this way. Yes, it took forever. So it seems like either Cura either stops sending commands after the Start Code or my printer isn't receiving/processing the commands. Can anyone offer any advice?
  8. Mikeyfromindy, glad it's working for you now. Wish I could get mine working. I think I'll try posting a new thread to get more eyes on it.
  9. Mikeyfromindy, that "priming" is the only thing that I can get my printer to do so I can help with this. 😏 I compared your G-Code to mine, less the comments I had added, and I think I see the problem. On line 15, you are missing a negative sign on the Y coordinate. That's why you see your printer move all the way to the back of the build plate. Also, I don't if this is a problem, but on line 27 you have an extra space between the Y coordinate and the Extruder coordinate. This probably doesn't matter, but I'm not sure how sensitive those G-code commands are to extra spaces in their syntax. My compare utility also shows a difference on line 32, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. It's not even a difference in invisibles as far as I can tell. Let us know if replacing that negative sign fixes it.
  10. Here are my settings as well. I believe they are the same as what jenny8008 posted earlier in the thread, but please let me know if you spot anything wrong. Thanks for the help. ;START OF CUSTOM START GCODE G28 ; home all axes G90 ; use absolute positioning for the XYZ axes G1 Z5 F1200 G1 X0.000 Y-70.00 F2000.000 G1 Z0.000 F2000.000 G92 E0; SET CURRENT EXTRUSION POSITION TO 0 (TARE) G1 E50.00000 F100; G92 E0 G1 Z0.400 F6000.000 G1 X-37.984 Y-51.711 F6000.000 G1 E5.99500 F4800.00000 G1 X-36.594 Y-52.712 E6.79005 F540.000 G1 X-33.376 Y-54.825 E7.18850 G1 X-31.774 Y-55.781 E7.22241 G1 X-28.512 Y-57.540 E7.58616 G1 X-26.697 Y-58.422 E7.98434 G1 X-23.446 Y-59.829 E8.04019 G1 X-21.413 Y-60.609 E8.78005 G1 X-18.195 Y-61.684 E8.85674 G1 X-15.980 Y-62.321 E9.57605 G1 X-12.811 Y-63.085 E9.67501 G1 X-10.390 Y-63.561 E10.08386 G1 X-7.329 Y-64.025 E10.37218 G1 X-4.725 Y-64.307 E10.49464 G1 X-1.780 Y-64.497 E10.76990 G1 X-0.510 Y-64.558 E10.90328 G1 X2.780 Y-64.497 E11.16826 G1 X4.725 Y-64.307 E11.31256 G1 X7.329 Y-64.025 E11.56583 G1 X10.390 Y-63.561 E11.72151 G1 X12.811 Y-63.085 E11.96409 G92 E0 ; END OF CUSTOM START G-CODE ; BEGINNING OF CUSTOM END G-CODE G92 E0 G1 E-40.00000 F2000 G91 G90 G92 E0 G1 E-1.00000 F2400 M104 S0 G28 ; END OF CUSTOM END G-CODE
  11. I checked the G-code, and it all looks valid. The only funny thing that I could find is that it uses M107 to turn the fan off even though the printer doesn't have a fan. I couldn't find a setting in Cura to tell it there is no fan and get rid of this, but I don't think it matters. I put the G-code in the "Send G-code" field in Cura's "Monitor" tab, one line at a time, and it got past where it hangs up when I click "Print via USB" so it seems like the G-code itself is valid. I also tried saving the G-code to a file, closing my sliced STL, and opening the G-code in Cura. That doesn't work though. It give me and error reading "Failed to load /...gcode" and just doesn't do anything. So I don't know what's going on.
  12. Hey, I'm new to Cura, and I tried setting up Cura for my Alta using the settings that jenny8008 posted in this thread. When I click "Print via USB", everything looks good with the start G-code. It moves just like it did with Silhouette 3D, purges the nozzle, and prints that initial smear. But then it just stops. I let it sit there for a couple minutes, and the completion percentage kept going up like it thinks it's printing (probably just a timer I suppose), but it never moved. So I had to abort the print. I'm going to save the G-code and look through it to see if there's some obvious hangup right after the start G-code, right after I find a guide for how to read G-code :). I wanted to check to see if anyone else had ever had this problem. If you have, let me know how you fixed it, please. If I figure it out, I'll post what I found here. FYI, I'm on a MacBook Pro, running macOS High Sierra and Cura 4.0.0, and connected via USB-C to USB adapter + Silhouette's USB cable, if that makes any difference. Thanks for any help that you can offer.
  13. Mikeyfromindy, are you talking about Cura or Silhouette3D? If Silhouette 3D, do you know if your graphics card supports OpenGL 1.2? That's the only GPU requirement I see in their documentation. If Cura, you need a GPU that supports OpenGL 2.0 or better according to Cura's documentation. FYI, I had a 2009 Dell laptop that was pretty state of the art at the time when I bought it (pretty expensive), and it just barely met the minimum specs for Silhouette 3D. It would run the software, but it couldn't really keep up, and I never completed a print on it because the software would crash. I had to use something newer with more power.
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