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  1. I find it strange. I have been trying to open the files where they are found in the explorer and they don't respond to open or open with new application and as we already know they are not even seen with the CURA open file. I have some idea that something might be wrong with the download itself because when I close everything and return to a window explorer the recently download files, the extracted zip files, etc. are all missing. I have to go back to the online source to download them all over again. The open file is set to the open all supported files. I even have the option of
  2. It is unzipped. I can see the files and exactly where they are with the PC explorer. Once I am in the CURA application and use Open file, I can navigate to the same location, but the files are not there.
  3. I have the odd experience of wanting to load an .stl or .obj file into Cura. I download on my PC. I can find the file with the PC file explorer, but when I use the Cura load file command the imported .stl or obj file is not there. Anybody know what is going on?
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