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  1. Can you please provide the project file? Do File->Save and attach the .3mf file to this thread. Thanks.
  2. The hiding of the shared heater setting is a knee-jerk reaction based on an incomplete evaluation of the feature's usability. Typical Cura regression, badly conceived and completely untested in the sense that no users were polled to see if they were actually using the feature successfully.
  3. Hello @Rabbit-o. Yes, that feature has been disabled by a UM person (see https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8148 for some further info on this). Personally, I believe that to be a mistake and continue to offer the shared heater setting in my own Cura builds.
  4. The problem is that the model is not manifold (aka watertight). You need to fix the model for Cura to be able to have a reasonable chance of slicing it satisfactorily.
  5. Not wall flow, minimum wall flow!
  6. If users of 3rd party printers aren't willing to try the beta releases, they should expect trouble when the releases arrive as UM do not have the resources to test on anything but their own products. Yes, Cura is supplied FOC but maybe people need to be willing to pay a price for it, the price is that they play an active role in the testing of new releases.
  7. Set min wall flow to a non-zero value, try 50.
  8. Could you please provide an example gcode file that exhibits this problem? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the file, for me it slices as expected with layer height 0.15. There is a setting called slicing tolerance that could influence the results you get so it may be worth playing with that. I always have that set to "middle".
  10. I'm guessing that there's a problem with the model, can you please share the STL?
  11. I make a 32 bit Cura release for the Raspberry Pi. When the 64 bit OS on the Pi matures I expect I will make a 64 bit release for that and it could be that would run on your ARM chromebook.
  12. Same problem as https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8216 ?
  13. Does, combing stop stringing? Not sure about that, if anything, it could make it worse. Stringing can occur for various reasons and is influenced by filament temperature, printing speed, retraction distance and speed.
  14. One purpose of the blurb is to clarify what the setting label is hinting at. By necessity, the labels are often terse to the point of incomprehension so it's not at all a bad thing to provide a slightly longer version of the label in the blurb.
  15. WRT combing, use the not in skin combing and also set the max comb distance with no retract to a low value, e.g. 10.
  16. Good, that's progress! If you're using combing you will get under-extrusion after a long (> 10mm or so) travel move unless retraction is used.
  17. You checked the layer view speed colouring to verify that those small circles are really being printed at 15mm/S ?
  18. That's coolish for PLA and will tend to make under-extrusion more likely. Also, try printing the small hole outlines slower, e.g. use 50% small feature slowdown to print at around 15mm/S.
  19. And you have calibrated your extruder steps at a sensible print speed?
  20. You can do it by creating a support blocker using this tool on the LHS Position the block so that it completely meshes with the region that should not have support When you slice, the support isn't in that region The support blockers can be moved and resized like any other mesh.
  21. Yes, the UM release is for x86_64. Sorry, it's not going to work.
  22. I like to maintain as constant extrusion pressure as possible across retracts/primes. Coasting deliberately reduces the pressure so it's going to increase the likelyhood of under-extrusion at the start of the next line. I know that you can set a prime extra amount to compensate but I'd rather not and, anyway, the extra prime doesn't occur if the travel move didn't use retraction.
  23. Hi @Arak0n, I looked at your project file. I can't see anything really obviously "wrong" but a few things I would change (personal preference only) is to disable coasting and also disable the acceleration and jerk control. I would reduce the max comb distance without retract to 10 and use the not in skin combing mode. Print the inner and outer walls at the same speed. As I mention above, it pays to slow down the walls around the small holes and, above all, make sure that at the print speeds you are using, the extruder is really pushing out the right volume of plastic. Hope this helps.
  24. Thanks for that, I'll take a look later. In the meantime, I printed your model on a Sovol SV01 (budget printer) using 0.2 layers and 0.4 nozzle, 15% gyroid infill. Took 31 mins and came out like this... Look at the speeds, here... The walls around the holes are printed SSLLOOWW.. How to get that? One other thing. I am printing using Octoprint and in there I am specifying a flow rate of 108%. I could have specified it in the slicer but, it makes no difference. Why? Well, when I calibr
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